Understanding Donald Trump: how technological mediation leads to actual surreality
From Musique Concrète to Plunderphonics: Recorded Sound as Source Material

Hyperreality has been weaponized (and we better pay attention)

The topic of this podcast episode really stretches the "loose" part of our 'loose filter' concept, since we don't talk much about music. We do talk about something really important, though, something that is unprecedented in human history, involves a fascinating and frightening confluence of cultural behavior and technology, and is happening all around us--and to each one of us!--but that very few people have noticed and discussed: the weaponization of hyperreality.

To help us understand and explore this topic smartly, most of the episode features a conversation with Keith Nainby, whose academic specialty is human communication, and who is a terrifically lively guest whose insights still have our heads spinning.  Since this topic can seem pretty esoteric at first, I wrote a post that serves as introduction to this topic, but it's not necessary to enjoy our conversation about this timely and important topic.

Playlist for the interstitial music and clips in this episode:

  1. George Carlin - On Language
  2. Ratatat - Imperials
  3. Tool - Lateralus
  4. Brother Ali - Uncle Sam Goddaman
  5. Stephen Colbert - The Colbert Show inaugural episode, Oct. 17, 2005
  6. Eyedea & Abilities - Powdered Water Too
  7. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Throw Away Your Television
  8. The Beatles - Tomorrow Never Knows
  9. Igor Stravinsky - Symphonies of Wind Instruments
  10. St. Vincent - Marrow
  11. Gil Scott-Heron - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised