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Pick of the Week: Daft Punk

This week's pick is "Doin' It Right" by Daft Punk. I am not so disillusioned to think you haven't heard of Daft Punk. From "One More Time" to "Get Lucky", Daft Punk is the kind of group that it's hard to avoid, even if you wanted to. Most of their overwhelming popularity stems from their sense of mystery: the two Frenchmen wear robotic looking helmets to hide their faces, they rarely perform live, and they release music very sporadically. (They also collaborate with big names, past and present, and they have a merch line that would make any electro-hipster drool.)

Beyond all this, they make exceptionally great music. This is all well known--what you may not know are some of the other amazing tracks on their albums that did not become one of their beloved singles. "Doin' It Right" is one of the last tracks on their latest album, Random Access Memoriesand is an incredible auditory experience:


One of the best things about "Doin' It Right" is the production. Granted, Daft Punk always have very high quality production, but this song in particular is a perfect example of their abilities: there is simultaneously tons of space and incredibly rich textures (not an easy thing to accomplish), and while relatively simple in content (a lot gets repeated), the subtleties of timbre, texture, and space create a surprisingly engaging musical atmosphere. (The spaciousness in the production especially reminds me a lot of "Royals", by Lorde.) The infectiously catchy melody sung by Ben Lennox a.k.a. Panda Bear, one of the founding members of Animal Collective, is the perfect cherry on top of this song.

Here is the most important thing about listening to "Doin' It Right": you need good speakers or headphones. If you try putting it through a crappy sound system, like your iPhone speakers, you will be underwhelmed. Please believe me when I say it is worth seeking out really great headphones just to listen to this amazing track.