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Introducing: Pick of the Week!

Happy Friday everyone! I'm excited to kick off my weekly post, Pick of the Week! I'll be sharing selections of music that will hopefully tickle your fancy, or at least provide you with some tasty food for thought.  My first pick is "Nakamarra", by Hiatus Kaiyote.  From their 2013 album Tawk Tamahawk, this track was nominated for a Grammy for Best R&B Performance that year, and it's been tweet-recommended by artists like Prince and Questlove (which is a pretty legit pair of endorsements).

The song itself is a soothing ray of sunshine that always seems to calm me, regardless of my mood. It has a gentle, comforting groove that invites you to sit back, relax, and enjoy its caress. Unlike most popular music, "Nakamarra" does nothing to hide its complex rhythmic movement and jazz harmonies. The song is a refreshing and welcome change from the standard sound palette that currently prevails in popular music.


The band has only been together since 2011, hailing from Melbourne--though honestly, this band sounds like they have been playing together for much, much longer. Self-described as "Future-Soul", Hiatus Kaiyote play tight, jazz and R&B driven tunes that seem to evoke both Erykah Badu and Billie Holiday at the same time. Their lead singer, Nai Palm, is also their guitarist, and she is an incredible musician. Her soulful, velvety voice entwines beautifully with the colorful chords and polyrhythms that make up their music.

To truly get the best experience out of the little slice of heaven that is "Nakamarra", I recommend enjoying it with a cup of tea or coffee while lounging outside in the sunshine. Have a great weekend!