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The Story of SMiLE, the American Sgt. Pepper

The Maximum Impact of Minimalism

In this epic episode, we examine how the avant-garde movement of musical minimalism was translated into the popular music sphere surprisingly quickly, and how it came to be significantly influential throughout musical culture over the past half century. Short version: it's EVERYWHERE. Long version: podcast episode full of fantastic examples that illustrate this remarkable story.


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Examples used in this episode, and links to acquire them:

  1. Philip Glass, Einstein on the Beach (1979)
  2. Luciano Berio, Chemins II (1967)
  3. Steve Reich, The Desert Music (1983)
  4. Philip Glass, Violin Concerto (1987)
  5. Terry Riley, In C (1964)
  6. LaMonte Young et al, Inside the Dream Syndicate (1965)
  7. Steve Reich, It's Gonna Rain (1965) and Piano Phase (1967)
  8. Kraftwerk, Autobahn (1974)
  9. Can, Future Days (1973)
  10. Tangerine Dream, Main Titles from The Thief (1981)
  11. Velvet Underground, I'm Waiting for the Man (1967)
  12. Brian Eno, Music for Airports (1978)
  13. David Bowie, Warszawa (1977)
  14. Giorgio Morodor & Donna Summer, I Feel Love (1978)
  15. Mike Oldfield, Tubular Bells from The Exorcist (1978)
  16. Laurie Anderson, O Superman (1981)
  17. Afrika Bambaataa & the Soulsonic Force, Planet Rock (1982)
  18. Cybotron, Clear (1983)
  19. John Adams, Harmonielehre (1984)
  20. Explosions in the Sky, First Breath After Coma (2003)
  21. Disclosure, F for You (2013)
  22. Hans Zimmer, Interstellar (2014)
  23. Philip Glass, Koyaanisqatsi (1981)
  24. Terry Riley, Persian Surgery Dervishes (1971)