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Simon Rattle: among the very best we have

A long-time musical hero of mine is Simon Rattle, an extraordinary conductor, musician, communicator, and human being. A recent BBC documentary about his working life is now available on YouTube, and is quite enjoyable. If you have the time to spare, I think you'll find an hour listening to and watching Sir Simon work is time well spent. (A little bonus reading: Working with Simon Rattle has been the best music education of my life.)

Simon Rattle: the Making of a Maestro:


But don't take my word for it--a few samples of his wonderful work are after the jump...

Clip from the last movement of Brahms 1, with the Berlin Philharmonic:


Clip of Brahms 2, also with the BPO:


Speaking about the Brahms symphonies:


Brief clip of Stravinsky, the Rite of Spring, with the Berlin Phil:


Mahler, Symphony No. 2, with the Birmingham Symphony: