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Alan Watts: the guru you didn't know you needed

More posts coming your way....

As our regular visitors know, this site has two main areas of content: the podcast and the blog. The podcast is, of course, episodic audio content, and since the beginning of this year, most of my energy has been focused on rebooting the podcast and getting a weekly (or near-weekly) production schedule up and running.

We're getting closer with that (seriously, check out the great new episodes), but while that work has been happening, I've neglected the blog side of the site. That part of the site is just posts like this, found either on the home page or in the site archives. The posts vary widely in content: often they're just links to interesting, thought-provoking, funny, or otherwise notable content I've found online and want to share with you; sometimes, these posts are essays, listening comparisons, and other original commentary and content by me or one of my very thoughtful and talented collaborators. Mostly they're about music, but not always.

So if you're new or if you've fallen out of the habit of checking the site regularly, please check back more often and you'll be rewarded. You can subscribe to the blog here and to the podcast via iTunes or Soundcloud. Thanks for your continued support!