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Stylistic Transformation: How Blues evolved into Funk

How does one musical style or idiom become something else? What does it sound like when musical ideas are actively in collaboration within a culture? 

In this episode we take a look at American blues music, and how it evolved through the 20th century from folk blues all the way to a seminal new style, funk. The conversation also touches on the emergence and development of recorded music, along with social issues that are part of the story, too.

From Blues to Funk

Flashback: Interview with composer John Mackey (2005)

This episode of the podcast is a repost of our very first episode, from way back in 2005! The site was brand new and composer John Mackey was just about to become one of the most performed composers around. He was kind enough to sit down and talk about his origins as a composer, his creative process, musical enthusiasms, and much more. It's a fun conversation, and a terrific snapshot of a composer on the verge of tremendous professional success.

(Seriously, John has written some wonderful music since then. Go and listen to some of it!)