Amusement vs. Engagement
Some of the best new music for your listening pleasure

Musical Recontextualization

This podcast episode features a discussion about recontextualization in music, which is when original source music is reinvented or reimagined in some fundamental way. Using examples we find especially compelling, we consider a variety of kinds of recontextualization in a wide array of styles. Examples used are listed below.


Sources for audio samples:
  1. Piano Concerto No. 2mvt. II, Sergei Rachmaninov; Van Cliburn, piano; Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Fritz Reiner, conductor. Available here or here.
  2. "All By Myself," Eric Carmen. Available here or here.
  3. "G-Spot Tornado," Frank Zappa. Available here or here.
  4. "G-Spot Tornado," performed by Ensemble Ambrosius. Available here or here.
  5. "Fingerbib," performed by Alarm Will Sound. Available here or here.
  6. "Fingerbib," Aphex Twin. Available here or here.
  7. "Such Great Heights," The Postal Service. Available here or here.
  8. "Such Great Heights," Iron & Wine. Available here or here.
  9. "Hey Ya," Outkast. Available here or here.
  10. "Hey Ya," Obadiah Parker. Available here or here.
  11. "Paranoid Android," Radiohead. Available here or here.
  12. "Paranoid Android," Sia. Available here or here.
  13. "Amen, Brother," The Winstons. Available here.
  14. "Funky Drummer," James Brown. Available here or here.
  15. "Building Steam with a Grain of Salt" from Endtroducing, DJ Shadow. Available here or here.
  16. "99 Problems" from The Grey Album, Danger Mouse. Listen here.
  17. "Reeperlawn" from Tom Shall Pass, Aesop Waits. Available here.
  18. (outro) "Rhombus," Mason Bates. Available here.