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Finding notes and losing them

Earlier this month 21 percussionists performed John Luther Adams' Inuksuit on the UC Berkeley campus, kicking off Ojai North at Cal Performances. The performance took place in the bucolic Faculty Grove, a beautiful open space surrounded by redwoods and magnificent coast live oaks.


Every now and again during the performance (which was fantastic - links to reviews further down) you were reminded that you were in the middle of a city - sirens, airplanes, traffic noise, students walking to and from classes wondering what the hell all the banging was about, etc. While some reviewers complained that this ruined the mood for them I felt that it really enhanced the magical/spiritual world that Adams' creates. It's as if the music allowed me to glimpse a magical world that exists just below the surface of our own, but of which I was previously unaware, the musical equivalent of a Haruki Murakami novel.

You can read other accounts and reviews of the concert here, here, and here.


This was Isaac's first concert. He loved it and even contributed some primal sounds of his own.



Beautiful shots, and thanks for the link.

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