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John Cage Quote of the Day 15

People often ask what music I prefer to hear. I enjoy the absence of music more than any other, or you could say silence. I enjoy whatever ambient sounds there are to hear. What I like is that they aren't saying anything. They just do what it is they are. I listen, no matter in what else I happen to be engaged. Experience. Not knowing what will happen next.


Best of LFP: John Adams Chamber Symphony, a listening guide

Stuart's 2006 guide to this John Adams classic is one of our all-time most popular posts.

Listening Guide: John Adams' Chamber Symphony, an eclectic delight.

Best of LFP: Performing Zappa

In April 2006 I conducted Frank Zappa's Be-Bop Tango with the Meadows Wind Ensemble at my alma mater, SMU. I was already a big Zappa fan, but my respect and admiration for his music only deepened as I delved into the score.

Zappa Wrangling

John Cage Quote of the Day 14

The past must be invented. The future must be revised. Doing both makes what the present is.

from John Cage: Composition in Retrospect

Best of LFP: American Eclectic, or why I conduct mostly bands

Stuart's great essay describes how the needs and nature of our classical music institutions, and not our audiences or the music itself, have come to disproportionately and unconsciously influence thinking in the field. He suggests reframing the discussion and posits that the wind band is an ideal medium to do so.

American Eclectic, or why I conduct mostly bands

John Cage Quote of the Day 13

I must confess that the contradiction, composing and not composing, has haunted me for a long time. Do you know the story of my relationship with psychoanalysis? It's short. It must have been around 1945. I was disturbed. Some friends advised me to seek an analyst. All the psychoanalyst was able to tell me was that thanks to him I was going to be able to produce more music, tons of music! I never went back.

From For the Birds

Best of LFP: The Sound World of Oscar Bettison

This is a post I wrote about Oscar Bettison's fantastic piece Gauze Vespers. If you like what you hear, check out Neolithic Airs. Click the link below to read the original post.

Ear Tease: The Sound World of Oscar Bettison


Best of LFP: In conversation with Mason Bates

In 2007 Stuart and I recorded a podcast with the outstanding young composer Mason Bates. He talkes, among other things, about how he came to combine classical and electronic idioms, the role of texture in electronica, the similarities between DJs and church organists, and how audiences and musicians responded to his first electroacoustic works.

In Conversation with Mason Bates

Stuart, Mason, and Dustin after the State Theater Concert in March, 2007. Photo by Kyle M. Peterson

Summer Hiatus / Best of the LFP

Stuart and I have been blogging on this site for over 5 years now, and I think we've produced some pretty good stuff. With five years of content, though, it's easy for older posts to get buried in the archives. We recently installed a search function on the front page (right under Recent Posts) to make it a bit easier to sift through older entries, and you can read posts by catagory as well, but even then some of our best work might remain unfamiliar to our newer readers.

With that in mind we've decided that instead of simply going dark for the next few weeks as we take a break to travel, hike, lay about, and prepare for the fall, we will repost some of our favorite entries. Think of it as The Loose Filter Project's greatest hits. Enjoy!

Mt. Diablo seen from Las Trampas Peak