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Musical Language

New York Public Radio's consistently outstanding show Radio Lab recently re-aired an episode titled Musical Language, and it's absolutely worth a listen!

Description from WNYC's website:

What is music? How does it work? Why does it move us? Why are some people better at it than others? In this hour, we examine the line between language and music, how the brain processes sound, and we meet a composer who uses computers to capture the musical DNA of dead composers in order to create new work. We also re-imagine the disastrous 1913 debut of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring through the lens of modern neurology.

It's completely free, and you can either listen online, or download for later listening and portability. Enjoy!

Deutsche Grammophon Goes Digital and DRM free!

This is a big deal: Deutsche Grammophon, the GIANT of classical music recordings, has just launched an online music store. It's a major effort from Universal Music Group (DG's parent company), not just a token move in a niche market--DG has posted a serious catalogue of music here, including out-of-print LPs long missed from the market, as well as all of their terrific contemporary music offerings.

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The Avant Garde Project

From this excellent, free music site:

"The Avant Garde Project is a series of recordings of 20th-century classical-experimental-electroacoustic music digitized from LPs whose music has in most cases never been released on CD, and so is effectively inaccessible to the vast majority of music listeners today. The analog rig used to extract the sound from the grooves is near state-of-the-art, producing almost none of the tracking distortion or surface noise normally associated with LPs."

I recommend starting with the archive. Have fun! There is some very interesting and enjoyable music here.

(Audio downloads as Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) files, which decompress as CD-quality WAV files. You may need a free piece of software to decompress the files, see the technical information here.)