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I remember reading, somewhere on the internet, what the subtitles of each section mean. I remember the description of the "phat man can dance" section, but I don't remember what the other sections' titles meant. Could you explain those for us?



Please feel free to perform JLM at any time. By using a Creative Commons license I believe that I waive the right to obtain funds from ASCAP or BMI. I am not a member of either organization. I would just like for the piece to be played as often as possible and for other people to freely recreate the piece using the terms of the license.

You can email me directly if you have any other questions

[email protected]

This isn't a comment, it's a question: By offering the score and parts free for download, are you implying that it's OK to give a public performance of it, as it is in its current form?

I am the Conductor of the Boston-area Metropolitan Wind Symphony, and I'd like to consider performing this piece.


Lew buckly

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